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 Jacob Gorden

In 2005, Jacob started his insurance career shortly after graduating from the University of Illinois at Springfield with a Bachelors degree in Business Management.   He was immediately very successful, earning top honors every year for the following four years in the business.  He then realized he could help more customers in more regions of the country by starting his own agency, Heartland Family Benefits.  He is now licensed in almost every U.S state and has a client base of over 4,000 individuals and families across the country.  He prides himself in hard work and taking care of his client’s needs and also personally handling all of his client’s customer service.  He is the Founder and President of Heartland Family Benefits but still regularly works one-on-one with all of his clients, helping them with all of their health insurance needs.  Jacob recently got married, and he and his wife currently reside in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Ashley Rudiger

Ashley is a loving mother to a beautiful 6 year old girl, and started her insurance career in September of 2010 on a part-time basis. She quickly learned the ropes, and became one of the Top 5 New Business Insurance Brokers in her company that year! Prior to being a Health and Life Insurance Broker, Ashley was in the marketing and advertising industry. She loves working with people and is dedicated to helping each of her clients find affordable health plans that match both their needs and their budgets.

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Doug Barton

Doug embodies everything you would want in an insurance broker. He is an energetic, motivated, knowledgeable, committed to excellence, focused professional that utilizes his consultative and communications skills to assist his clients to their satisfaction and best interests. Doug started his insurance career in 2006 and quickly proved his talent at an early stage in his career with such accolades as Divisional Top Rookie Award, Rising Star Award, and became District Manager within 6 months. Doug’s goal is to provide a personalized and affordable solution for your health/life insurance needs. With the rising cost of coverage he can customize an insurance plan that both secures the protection you and your family need, and accommodates your unique financial situation.

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Mathew Checca 

Mathew earned his degree at the University of Florida and quickly embarked on what has been a very successful six year career in the financial industry. Not only has Mathew ranked as the top agent in the past two agencies for which he has worked, but he has also owned and operated two thriving businesses. With the experience he has gained in his previous business endeavors,   Mathew has developed an incredible ability to respond to each of his client’s needs and thus deliver unrivaled customer support.  As the 2014 health care reform approaches, Mathew has been proactive in educating himself on changes that will directly impact his client base and therefore, he feels confident that he possesses the skills and knowledge to make sure that each of his clients will be properly insured.

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See HFB's President, Jacob Gorden, discuss how using a broker can be extremely valuable when shopping for health insurance in this recent video done for Angie's List!

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