These are just some of the testimonials from our many satisfied clients:
Shelley Petersdorf of Scottsdale, AZ says
“After 20+ years of my husband working for the same Medical Sales company, he was laid off. We lost our medical insurance for our family of five. I searched hard for the right, honest and friendliest person I could find to know that we were in the right hands. It has been about one year now and we have been very happy with the company that Jacob Gorden and Heartland Family Benefits found for us.
Thanks for your knowledge and caring Jacob….”
Tony Sofia of Arnold, MO is says: 
“As a small business owner, keeping costs in check is vital. When I needed to find a medical insurance broker that had my best interests at heart, Doug Barton at Heartland Family Benefits was referred to me by my life insurance agent. His ability to source the plan that best suited the needs of my family was excellent. He always makes himself available for any questions you may have and his follow through is impeccable. Be sure to contact Doug when you are comparing medical insurance plans!” 
John Bertero of Potomac, MD says:
“I’m writing once again to thank you for your assistance in obtaining coverage for our family.  Below is a testimonial concerning your exemplary service. 
I do not hesitate to highly recommend Jacob and Heartland Family Benefits to anyone who is looking for health insurance for themselves and their family.  After spending time researching the options online and speaking with other brokers, once I spoke with Jake I knew I’d found the right partner to help us make the best decision on a health insurance policy for our family.  Jake took the time to understand our situation and what coverage we were interested in, and did a fantastic job of breaking down all of the various options in a way that made them easy to understand.  We were operating on a very short time frame, with my COBRA election period expiring, and Jake worked with the underwriters to get our approval in time to avoid a costly COBRA election.  It is a great feeling to have someone like Jacob on your side as you try to navigate through the confusing waters of health insurance these days.”
 Cecelia Muslera of Hyattsville, MD says:
“Thank you Ashley and HFB for assisting me in obtaining a health insurance for my family! Your services through the process, and your knowledge, and how easy you explained different types of policies helped me understand and decide what insurance is best for my family! Thanks for your great help and for looking out for me! I was a person to you, not a client, not a number!! “
Charmaine Evans of Cincinatti, OH says:
“I truly appreciate Jacob’s assistance with finding the right medical insurance plan for my family.  After being denied coverage for my husband due to a pre-existing condition, I had pretty much given up on finding any insurance company that would insure him.  If it weren’t for Jacob’s guidance and tenacity, my husband would be uninsured right now.  Jacob was able to guide me to a reputable and decent Insurance company who not only provided coverage for my husband, but also did not put in any exclusions related to his pre-existing condition.  Thanks to Jacob, my entire family of six is now covered and a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I highly recommend Jacob and Heartland Family Benefits for their professionalism, expertise and excellent customer service.”
Larry Hicks of Independence, MO says:
” I highly recommend Doug Barton and Heartland Family Benefits as your insurance broker. I was searching for better insurance and a fair price in December of 2009. I was contacted by many agents. Doug was the most professional and helpful person that had contacted me so I decided to listen more to him. His presentation and knowledge of the health insurance business was reassuring to me.  As a sales person which has been in sales management for over thirty years I am very demanding and sometimes even hard to please but Doug was able to win me over very quickly. Again I highly recommend using Doug and his services.”
Rob Guthrie of Parker, CO says:
 “When after twenty-three years of working in the corporate environment I decided it was time to take the leap to self-employment, it was pretty terrifying. Anyone who’s worked in for a large corporation (or any sizable company) knows the security of group health coverage and the commanding terror of even the thought of searching for health insurance on your own in the twenty-first century.
Jacob Gorden did more than just the heavy lifting for us—oh he DID do that, too; we didn’t have to make so much as a phone call—but he listened to our individual situation. No two cases are alike, but so many brokers and intermediaries out there want to lump all circumstances together as if there’s a magic solution for one and all.
There isn’t, and Jacob understood that clearly from the beginning, I wasn’t on the phone five minutes with him before I realized I’d connected with a winner, and when it comes to your health—and most importantly, your family’s health—you need a champion in your corner.
I can honestly say no one has ever worked harder for me and for my family than Jacob Gorden, and I don’t say that about many people. You can trust your family’s health and well-being to him. That should tell you everything you need to know right there.”
 Shannon Straub of Mechanicsville, VA says:
“Ashley Rudiger is an awesome agent & was very informative regarding the right Insurance plan for our family. Very quick & informative with answering all of my questions & explaining plan details! Would recommend to all my family and friends”
Bryan and Lisa Batstone of Champaign, IL say:
 “Thank you for making our life easy while searching for suitable health insurance. My Wife and I having recently expanding our business into the USA from UK are extremely busy, and to search out the best options was made very easy by Heartland. Your attention to detail, and patience with understanding our requirements is much appreciated. We definitely recommend Heartland as the best place to find uncomplicated choices of health insurance, with excellent customer service.”
Sherri Foran of Downers Grove, IL says:
“Jacob Gorden has been such a blessing for our family.  While going through a period of unemployment, he provided us with superior service and an affordable healthcare policy.  We were able to have the peace of knowing that if we needed to see a doctor or was in an accident, we could do so.  He is caring, returns calls and emails promptly and will listen to your needs.”
 Ken Switalski of Olney, MD says:
“I just wanted to say that Jacob has been nothing but fantastic at accommodating my every need when it comes to health insurance! It seems like so many people these days work with blinders on and just consider what they can and can’t do. Jacob is a true “solutions provider” and always seems to put himself in your shoes to consider what will best fit your immediate and long term needs. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new healthcare insurance solution.”

See HFB's President, Jacob Gorden, discuss how using a broker can be extremely valuable when shopping for health insurance in this recent video done for Angie's List!

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